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Matthew Gibney: The only solution to the Rohingya refugee crisis lies in reforms in Myanmar

Blogs / articles Media coverage

New article in World Politics Review argues that the Rohingya boat crisis will not subside without radical changes in Myanmar

Matthew Gibney argues against ‘using citizenship as just another tool in the battle against Islamic terrorism’

Blogs / articles Media coverage

New op-ed in Sydney Morning Herald on the Australian government’s proposals on denationalisation

Matthew Gibney talks to Voice of Russia UK about government proposals to make terror suspects stateless

Media coverage

Dr Gibney comments on the controversial amendment as the House of Commons approves the plans

Matthew Gibney to answer questions on deprivation of citizenship in live Q&A hosted by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Media coverage Research impacts

Send your questions to the organisers and tune in tomorrow, 11 April, from 1.30pm – 2.30pm (details below) to hear responses from the expert panel

openDemocracy reports on RSC and Middlesex University seminar on the deprivation of citizenship in the UK

Events Media coverage

Agnes Woolley of Lincoln University writes for openDemocracy on the event, which included the RSC's Dr Matthew Gibney among its speakers

Don’t trust the government’s citizenship-stripping policy | Matthew Gibney

Blogs / articles Media coverage

Dr Matthew Gibney writes for The Conversation on the UK government's citizenship-stripping policy

Matthew Gibney: UK deportation of Trenton Oldfield 'morally inappropriate and potentially damaging of the right to protest'

Media coverage

Dr Matthew Gibney comments on the deportation of Trenton Oldfield for ABC News

Theresa May must not further erode Britons' rights to citizenship | Matthew Gibney

Blogs / articles Media coverage

Dr Matthew Gibney writes for the Guardian on the erosion of Britons' rights to citizenship

Matthew Gibney in NY Times: Private companies profit from immigration control

Media coverage

Dr Matthew Gibney quoted in a front page article in the New York Times on private companies profiting from immigration control