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Belonging to Syria. National Identifications before and after 2011

Journal issue

Kathrin Bachleitner and Toby Matthiesen, (2021), Nations and Nationalism

Collective identities amid war and displacement: Syrians and Syrian refugees imagine their country

Journal article

Kathrin Bachleitner, (2021), Nations and Nationalism

Demarcating Boundaries: Against the “Humanitarian Embrace”

Journal article

Hanno Brankamp, (2021), Refuge: Canada's Journal on Refugees, 37, 46 - 55

Introduction: Humanizing Studies of Refuge and Displacement?

Journal article

Hanno Brankamp and Yolanda Weima, (2021), Refuge: Canada's Journal on Refugees, 37, 1 - 10

Understanding the Resistance: Researching Kurdish movements in Europe – while doing no harm

Journal article

Dilar Dirik, (2021), The Sociological Review

Introduction to the Symposium on Undoing Discriminatory Borders

Journal article

Catherine Briddick and Cathryn Costello, (2021), AJIL Unbound, 115, 328 - 332

When does migration law discriminate against women?

Journal article

Catherine Briddick, (2021), AJIL Unbound, 115, 356 - 361

When Perceptions and Aspirations Clash: Humanitarianism in Syria’s Neighboring States


Dawn Chatty, (2021), Everybody’s War: The Politics of Aid in the Syria Crisis

IDPs in secondary cities: good practices and ongoing challenges from Ethiopia

Research in Brief

Evan Easton-Calabria et al, (2021), RSC Research in Brief 16

Responses to Urban IDPs in Adama, Ethiopia: A Case Study


Evan Easton-Calabria et al, (2021)

Camp abolition: ending carceral humanitarianism in Kenya (and beyond)

Journal article

Hanno Brankamp, (2021), Antipode

Legacies of war: Syrian narratives of conflict and visions of peace

Journal article

Kathrin Bachleitner, (2021), Cooperation and Conflict

Human Trafficking and Refugees


Catherine Briddick and Vladislava Stoyanova, (2021), The Oxford Handbook of International Refugee Law

Non-penalization and Non-criminalization


Cathryn Costello and Yulia Ioffe, (2021), The Oxford Handbook of International Refugee Law

The Oxford Handbook of International Refugee Law


Cathryn Costello et al, (2021)

The Right to Work


Colm O'Cinneide and Cathryn Costello, (2021), The Oxford Handbook of International Refugee Law

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