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Collective Memory in International Relations


Kathrin Bachleitner, (2021)

Transnational blindness: International institutions and refugees’ cross-border activities

Journal article

Alexander Betts et al, (2021), Review of International Studies

The Global Compact on Refugees and the EU’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum: The Ripples of Responsibility-Sharing


Evan Easton-Calabria, (2021), The EU Pact on Migration and Asylum in light of the United Nations Global Compact on Refugees, 125 - 133

Mental health and psychosocial support, Data and displacement, Missing migrants

Forced Migration Review

Marion Couldrey and Alice Philip (eds), (2021), Forced Migration Review, 66

Disentangling the migration-development nexus using QCA

Journal article

Mathias Czaika and Marie Godin, (2021), Migration and Development

The ‘mobility turn’: economic inequality in refugee livelihoods


Naohiko Omata, (2021), Handbook of Culture and Migration, 287 - 300

‘Madmen, Womanisers, and Thieves’: Moral disorder and the cultural text of refugee encampment in Kenya

Journal article

Hanno Brankamp, (2021), AFRICA: Journal of the International African Institute, 91 (1), 153 - 176

Success twinned by challenge: an urban IDP response in Ethiopia

Journal article

Evan Easton-Calabria, (2021), Refugee Survey Quarterly, 39(4), 525 - 536

Empowering refugees through cash and agriculture: a regression discontinuity design

Journal article

Claire MacPherson and Olivier Sterck, (2021), Journal of Development Economics, 149

Building economies in refugee-hosting regions: lessons from Dollo Ado

Research in Brief

Alexander Betts and Raphael Bradenbrink, (2020), RSC Research in Brief 18

The IKEA Foundation and livelihoods in Dollo Ado: lessons from the cooperatives model

Research in Brief

Alexander Betts and Raphael Bradenbrink, (2020), RSC Research in Brief 17

Migration and Human Rights in Africa: The Policy and Legal Framework in Broad Strokes


Caroline Nalule, (2020), African Migrants and the Refugee Crisis, 96 - 111

Exploring RSD handover from UNHCR to States

Forced Migration Review

Caroline Nalule and Derya Ozkul, (2020), Forced Migration Review, 65, 27 - 29

Recognising refugees

Forced Migration Review

Marion Couldrey and Jenny Peebles (eds), (2020), Forced Migration Review, 65

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