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Research in Brief: Exploring assumptions behind ‘voluntary’ returns from North Africa

Research in Brief

Anne-Line Rodriguez, (2019), RSC Research in Brief 13

In praise of dependencies: dispersed dependencies and displacement

Journal article

Evan Easton-Calabria and Maurice Herson, (2019), Disasters

Politics resettled: the case of the Palestinian diaspora in Chile

Working paper

Victor Beaume, (2019), RSC Working Paper Series, 128

Precarious workers and probationary wives: how immigration law discriminates against women

Journal article

Catherine Briddick, (2019), Social & Legal Studies

Education: needs, rights and access in displacement

Forced Migration Review

Marion Couldrey and Jenny Peebles (eds), (2019), Forced Migration Review, 60

Research in Brief: Venezuelan Survival Migration as a Development Opportunity

Research in Brief

Alexander Betts, (2019), RSC Research in Brief 12

Denationalisation and discrimination

Journal article

Matthew J Gibney, (2019), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Subversive Humanitarianism and Its Challenges: Notes on the Political Ambiguities of Civil Refugee Support


Robin Vandevoordt and Gert Verschraegen, (2019), Refugee Protection and Civil Society in Europe, 101 - 128

The making of a transnational religion: Alevi movement in Germany and the World Alevi union

Journal article

Derya Özkul, (2019), British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

Refugee Economies in Uganda: What Difference Does the Self-Reliance Model Make?


Alexander Betts, Imane Chaara, Naohiko Omata, Olivier Sterck, (2019)

Research in Brief: Uganda's Self-Reliance Model: Does it Work?

Research in Brief

Alexander Betts et al, (2019), RSC Research in Brief 11

Seeking informal asylum: The case of Central Americans in the United States

Working paper

Angela Remus, (2019), RSC Working Paper Series, 127

Middle East North Africa (MENA) Refugee Crisis: Digital Resources in Review

Journal article

Sarah Rhodes, (2019), Review of Middle East Studies, 52 (2), 344 - 347

Refugees and (Other) Migrants: Will the Global Compacts Ensure Safe Flight and Onward Mobility for Refugees?

Journal article

Cathryn Costello, (2019), International Journal of Refugee Law

Citizenship as a gift: how Syrian refugees in Belgium make sense of their social rights

Journal article

Robin Vandervoordt and Gert Verschraegen, (2019), Citizenship Studies, 43 - 60

Demonstrating deservingness and dignity. Symbolic boundary work among Syrian refugees

Journal article

Robin Vandervoordt and Gert Verschraegen, (2019), Poetics

The Global Compact on Refugees: towards a theory of change?

Journal article

Alexander Betts, (2018), International Journal of Refugee Law

Research in Brief: Refugees as Providers of Protection and Assistance

Research in Brief

Alexander Betts, Kate Pincock and Evan Easton-Calabria, (2018), RSC Research in Brief 10

Diplomacy with memory: how the past is employed for future foreign policy

Journal article

Kathrin Bachleitner, (2018), Foreign Policy Analysis

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RSC research in brief Series

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RSC Working Paper Series

This series is intended to aid the rapid distribution of research findings, work in progress, and special lectures.

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Studies in Forced Migration

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