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Refugee mobilities in East Africa: understanding secondary movements

Journal article

Alexander Betts et al, (2023), Journal of Ethnic & Migration Studies

Quality and social justice in refugee education: Syrian refugee students’ experiences of integration into national education systems in Jordan

Journal article

Linda Morrice and Hiba Salem, (2023), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

The freedom to choose: Theory and quasi-experimental evidence on cash transfer restrictions

Journal article

Jade Siu et al, (2022), Journal of Development Economics

Pour une redéfinition de la notion de “retour”: Le cas des diasporas congolaise et rwandaise de Belgique

Journal article

Marie Godin et al, (2022), African Diaspora, 14, 210 - 234

From coexistence to cohesion in refugee-host relations

Forced Migration Review

Cory Rodgers, (2022), Forced Migration Review, 70, 64 - 66

Knowledge, voice and power

Forced Migration Review

Alice Philip and Olivia Berthon (eds), (2022), Forced Migration Review, 70

The emerging world of humanitarian energy: A conceptual research review

Journal article

Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen, (2022), Energy Research & Social Science, 92

Urban refugees and IDPs in secondary cities

Research in Brief

Evan Easton-Calabria and Jennifer Wood, (2022), RSC Research in Brief 19

(Some) refugees welcome: When is differentiating between refugees unlawful discrimination?

Journal article

Cathryn Costello and Michelle Foster, (2022), International Journal of Discrimination and the Law, 22 (3)

Guest Editor Introduction: Contesting and Undoing Discriminatory Borders

Journal article

Shreya Atrey et al, (2022), International Journal of Discrimination and the Law, 22 (3)

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