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The Visiting Fellowship programme fee is £1,700 per term.

Some funding may be available.

Accommodation and expenses

It is recommended that Fellows have at least £900 per month in addition to cover food, accommodation and other incidental living expenses. 

Fellows are expected to find their own accommodation. Rooms in shared houses in Oxford cost about £600-700 per month. Rental accommodation in Oxford is in very high demand and Fellows are strongly advised to make the necessary arrangements as early as possible. Although the RSC cannot provide or arrange accommodation, it is happy to offer information and advice.

Language requirements

Because English is the working language of the Department for both academic and practical purposes, applicants are normally expected to have fluency in English of at least the standard required by Oxford for foreign graduate students. 

Please see the University’s webpages for further details.

Visa requirements

Visiting Research Fellows / Student Visitors are subject to UK Border Agency regulations. Individuals from outside the EEA must ensure that they hold an appropriate visa to carry out research in the University prior to arrival in the UK.

Visiting Fellowship Programme Extension

The Visiting Fellowship programme usually lasts 1 term (8 weeks). In very exceptional circumstances Visiting Research Fellows can apply for an extension (unfortunately there are no provisions available for Student Visitors to extend their stay). All extension applications must be approved by Affiliations Committee. Please note not all extensions are approved. Successful Visiting Fellows will be required to pay an additional £1,700 to cover the fee for the extra term.