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There has been a marked increase in the number of refugee, immigrant, and asylum-seeking children arriving in various regions in the UK which have not had previous experience of dealing with the issues presented by these arrivals, particularly in terms of English as Additional Language (EAL) and well-being provisions. The children are coming through different routes and the support level they are offered depends on the route (e.g. those coming through the Homes for Ukraine or Hong Kong BNO or Afghan resettlement schemes are supported in a range of ways compared to those arriving from Eritrea or Sudan). Whether children are accompanied or unaccompanied also creates different categories and responsibilities for stakeholders. Often there is a lack of EAL provision, so that outside stakeholders are brought in to provide these lessons. Currently, Jacari provides one to one tutoring, in school and outside, to EAL pupils in Bristol and Oxford, and Positive Youth Foundation does the same in Coventry. In all three cities different strategies and tools are deployed depending on the level of funding available to the charities. This project seeks to identify, examine, develop and disseminate strategies and best practice through observations, interviews, and analyses of current provisions in EAL and wellbeing for refugee, immigrant and asylum-seeking children in Coventry, Bristol and Oxford. Workshops aim at developing and exchanging knowledge and best practice to improve children’s integration. This project will form the basis of a longer-term project at national level providing consistency and working towards better inclusive practices.


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