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Dr Gibney comments on the controversial amendment as the House of Commons approves the plans

Last week MPs approved the government's controversial amendment to its Immigration Bill, which would give the Home Secretary powers to strip UK citizenship from British terror suspects, even if doing so would render them stateless. The amendment was strongly criticised by the House of Lords in April, who voted through a measure requiring a cross-party committee of Lords and MPs to scrutinise it before it could become law. But this was overturned by the House of Commons on Thursday, who have now sent the amendment back to the Lords for approval. 

Matthew Gibney expressed his concerns in a Voice of Russia UK radio segment on the debate: 

'I think it's just stunning that a supposedly liberal, democratic government would introduce a measure that enables it to create...stateless people, and to do so without ever criminally prosecuting those people for any crime.'

Listen to the broadcast >> (Dr Gibney's comments start at 02:29)

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