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Mohammed Abdella

Teaching Assistant, Gothenburg

Bahati Ernestine

Student Affairs Manager, New Glasgow, Canada

Temesgen Gebrehiwet

Teaching Assistant, Lusaka

Abis Getachew

RLO Study: Research Lead, Ethiopia

Mary Gitahi

RLO Study: Research Lead, Uganda

Isimbi Grace

Office Assistant, Nairobi

Martha Hamilton

Project Coordinator

Buhendwa Iragi

Research Assistant, Nairobi

Andhira Kara

RLO Study: Research Lead, Kenya

Andonis Marden

Director of Refugee Scholarships and Partnerships

Salama Mariam

Office Manager, Nairobi

Bisimwa Mulemangabo

Lead Researcher, Kampala

Mwangi Mwaura

Academic Events and Outreach Coordinator, Nairobi

Ruth Nyabuto

Academic Manager, Oxford

Uwezo Ramazani

RLO Study: Research Lead, Tanzania

Annette Riziki

Academic Facilitator, Oxford

Fardosa Salah

Teaching Assistant, Nairobi

Ghazal Sarah Salehi

Programme Manager, Oxford

Pauline Vidal

Research Facilitator, Tunis

Foni Joyce Vuni

Lead Researcher, Nairobi