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Ghazal Sarah Salehi

Ghazal Sarah Salehi

Programme Manager, Oxford

Ghazal leads the development and implementation of academic programmes and graduate access initiatives at the Refugee-Led Research Hub (RLRH). In her work, she focuses on operationalising RLRH's 'pathways model' which supports displaced scholars at different stages of their academic and professional careers to access opportunities for progressive development in higher education, research, and displacement-related policy and practice. She is passionate about facilitating partnerships and advocacy that push for transformative change centring refugee leadership in humanitarian research and practice.

Ghazal completed her master's in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action at Sciences Po Paris, where she specialised in African Studies and Project Management. Prior to joining the RLRH, she was a research assistant at the International Migration Institute, where she researched the relationship between migration and social transformation processes. She has worked at the Humanitarian Affairs and Migration division of the Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations in Geneva, and has experience in coordinating humanitarian assistance projects for refugees and asylum seekers in Greece focusing on emergency assistance and education.