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Derya Özkul


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Refugees are Migrants

Derya is a postdoctoral research fellow working on the European Research Council Funded project ‘Refugees are Migrants: Refugee Mobility, Recognition and Rights’. In this project she is primarily interested in the construction of the vulnerability criteria in refugee status determination.

Derya completed her doctorate at the University of Sydney under the supervision of Prof Stephen Castles where she also worked as a lecturer and tutor. Her thesis explored the changes in diaspora movements in line with the changes in migration and diversity policies as well as homeland politics. In addition to her doctoral research, she worked as a researcher for the five-year STIM project led by Stephen Castles at the University of Sydney. This project examined international migration in Australia, South Korea, Turkey and Mexico in the context of the wider processes of social change. Prior to her PhD, she worked as a researcher at the Migration Research Centre at Koc University in Istanbul. She holds an MSc degree in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics and a BA degree in Political Science from Bogazici University in Turkey. As a DAAD alumnus, she has held fellowships at Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) and Bielefeld University in Germany.

Derya has published on precarious work, transnationalism, refugee settlement, immigration and diversity policies in Turkey, Germany and Australia. Her work includes Social Transformation and Migration (Palgrave, 2015). Her current research interests include the ethics of vulnerability and the construction of vulnerability criteria in refugee status determination.

She has published on migrants’ precarious work, transnationalism, diaspora movements, refugee settlement, immigration and diversity policies.

Publications include: 

Journals articles/issues: 

Ozkul, Derya (with Franklin Obeng-Odoom) (2013) 'Special Issue: Temporary Migration in Africa', African Journal of Economics and Finance 5 (1). 
Ozkul, Derya (with Franklin Obeng-Odoom) (2013) 'Temporary Migration: Views from the Global South', African Journal of Economics and Finance 5 (1) 1-6.

Book chapters:

Ozkul, Derya (2015) 'Australie'. In Gildas Simon (ed) Dictionnaire des Migrations Internationales: Approche Géohistorique, Paris: Armand Colin [in French].
Ozkul, Derya (with Stephen Castles and Ellie Vasta) (2014) 'Australia: a Classical Immigration Country in Transition', In J Hollifield, P Martin and P Orrenius (eds) Controlling Immigration: A Global Perspective, 3rd Edition Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.
Ozkul, Derya (with Stephen Castles) (2014) 'Circular migration: triple win, or a new label for temporary migration?'. In Graziano Battistella (ed) Theoretical Perspectives on Asian Migration, New York: Springer Publishing.
Ozkul, Derya (2014) 'Emotive connections: insider research with Turkish/Kurdish Alevi migrants in Germany'. In Lejla Voloder, Liudmila Kirpitchenko (eds) Insider Research on Migration and Mobility, London: Ashgate.
Ozkul, Derya (2013) 'International Migration and Local Policies'. In Marcela Balbo, Ahmet Icduygu and Julio Peres Serrano (eds) Countries of Migrants, Cities of Migrants: Italy, Spain, Turkey, Istanbul: The Isis Press.
Ozkul, Derya (with Stepehen Castles, Magdalena Arias and Chulhyo Kim) (2012) ‘Irregular migration: causes, patterns and strategies'. In Irena Omelaniuk (ed) Reflections on Migration and Development, GFMD Puerto Vallarta and Beyond Series: Global Migration Issues, Vol 1 , New York: Springer Publishing.
Ozkul, Derya (2012) 'Managing the Diaspora: the Turkish Case'. In Jung-Eun Oh (ed) Diaspora as Focus Area of National Migration Policy, Seoul: IOM MRTC Special Issues in Migration Series No 2.
Ozkul, Derya (2012) 'Transnational Migration Research'. Sociopedia.isa [The International Sociological Association’s dictionary].
Ozkul, Derya (2012) 'Ulus-ötesi Göç: Kuramsal Bir Değerlendirme [Transnational Migration: A Theoretical Evaluation]'. In S Gülfer Ihlamur-Öner and Aslı Şirin Öner (ed) Uluslararası Göçü Yeniden Düşünmek: Yeni Yaklaşım ve Yönelimler’ [Re-thinking International Migration: New Approaches], Istanbul: Iletişim Yayınları [In Turkish].

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