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Cory Rodgers


Pedro Arrupe Research Fellow in Forced Migration Studies

Cory Rodgers is an anthropologist researching inclusive development policies and refugee-host dynamics in Eastern Africa. Since 2015, he has worked primarily in Turkana County in northwestern Kenya, the site of the decades-old Kakuma refugee camps as well as the more recently established Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement.

Cory is currently investigating how programmes intended to foster inclusivity and integration among refugees and hosts can instigate political conflicts over representation, as various stakeholders attempt to define a ‘host community’ out of an otherwise diverse population. For his doctoral work, Cory undertook an ethnography of the development encounter in Turkana, with attention to the marginalisation of the pastoralist majority amidst education-based stratification and the rise of an urban political class.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Inclusive Development, Local Integration, Camps and Settlements, Pastoralism

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