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In late 2014, Dr James Milner, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science at Carleton University and RSC Research Associate, launched the Global Refugee Policy Network (website: The Network came about following a workshop at the RSC’s 30th Anniversary Conference on ‘Understanding Global Refugee Policy’, which also spawned a special issue of the Journal of Refugee Studies.

We are pleased to announce that the Network now has a twitter address (@GRPNetwork) and a YouTube channel. The Network and accompanying media will share information and encourage collaboration on issues relating to the making and implementation of global refugee policy.

Currently on the YouTube channel you can find videos, filmed at the RSC this summer, of experts giving their views on whether ‘global refugee policy’ exists and its importance, including Professor Guy S Goodwin-Gill (RSC Honorary Associate), Dr Jeff Crisp (RSC Research Associate), Dr Olaf Kleist (RSC Visiting Fellow), Dr Naohiko Omata (Senior Research Officer at the RSC), Dr Phil Orchard (University of Queensland), and Dr James Milner himself.

These will soon be joined by videos of many of the presentations made at a recent workshop on ‘Power and Influence in the Global Refugee Regime’, held on 23-25 September at Carleton University, and organized by Dr Milner (further details). Presentations were made by the RSC’s Professor Gil Loescher, Professor Alexander Betts and Dr Jeff Crisp, amongst others. The workshop also included a master class with Gil Loescher, about which Carleton PhD student William Tait has written a blog.

Last term at the RSC, we were pleased to be joined by Dr Milner who was heavily involved in pulling together our Public Seminar Series on ‘global refugee policy’. Podcasts from this series are available on the RSC SoundCloud channel.

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