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Emeritus Professor Dawn Chatty this week gave the first Migration Talks lecture of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung at the Andrássy University Budapest. She has also been interviewed by the Hungarian magazine HVG (Heti Világgazdaság, or World Economy Weekly).

Titled ‘The duty to be generous: challenging European ideas on forced migration’, Chatty’s lecture addressed the ways in which the West has mainstreamed its responsibilities to provide asylum by leaning heavily on human rights and refugee asylum laws. However, these rights-based concepts leave many gaps. Chatty discussed alternative concepts of duty-based obligations to those in need. She illustrated how an integrated approach that taps into the social and ethical norms of hospitality can improve and extend rights-based asylum as provided by international humanitarian organisations.

This lecture is available to watch online here >>

Also on this subject, for any Hungarian speakers, Dawn Chatty’s interview with HVG is available here >> [link to the lecture video also included]

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