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Professor Alexander Betts (RSC Director), Emeritus Professor Dawn Chatty (former RSC Director) and Dr Jeff Crisp (RSC Research Associate) spoke recently at the Estoril Conferences 2017 in Portugal, held from 29-31 May. The theme of the conferences for 2017 was Global Migration.

Alexander Betts spoke at the session: ‘Global Dialogue: The Global Governance of Forced Migration’.

Traditionally, refugees flee to neighbouring States to seek protection. In consequence, countries such as Jordan, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Pakistan and Turkey are currently faced with extraordinary migratory pressure. They do not have the means to accommodate all those who seek their borders for protection. What can be expected after the historic UN Summit on Refugees and Migrants? Are States prepared to deepen integration and cooperation in this context? What tools should be developed to enhance cooperation between States to tackle the refugees’ global problem? Is it feasible to design and enforce permanent programs of refugees’ resettlement worldwide? Is it morally correct to negotiate agreements with the transit countries to prevent refugees from searching other territories? What are the role and powers of supranational organizations and NGO’s in these processes?

Also speaking in this session were:

Mónica Ferro (Professor of International Relations, University of Lisbon, Chief of the Geneva Office of UNFPA; Portugal)

Lord Michael Hastings (Member of Parliament, KPMG International's Global Head of Corporate Citizenship; UK)

Moderated by José Rodrigues dos Santos (Journalist, RTP, Author; Portugal).

Watch the session at


Dawn Chatty spoke at the session: ‘Why Do People Move?’

People have moved from their home countries for all sorts of reasons: some are drawn by pull factors while others migrate because of push factors, finding it difficult to remain in their original territories. From an historical perspective, this panel will address the most relevant pull and push factors to human migration.

Also speaking in this session were:

Lou Marinoff (Philosopher, author and philosopher practitioner; USA)

Lora Pappa (Founder of METAdrasi and winner of North South Prize of the Council of Europe 2015; Greece)

Nuno Tiago Pinto (International Editor, Sábado; Portugal)

Watch the session at


Jeff Crisp spoke at the session: ‘Global Dialogue: Is Migration a Security Issue?’

The erosion of borders raises concerns with security and public order protection. The introduction of diversity in previously homogenous populations leads to fears that immigration will increase social conflicts, with the potential escalation of ethnic conflicts or terrorist attacks. What may be the connection between migration and threats to public security? Should transnational terrorist threats lead to the reinforcement of national borders?

Also speaking in this session were:

Gina Bennett (CIA Counterterrorism analyst, author of “National Security Mom: Lessons for America”; USA)

Felipe Pathé Duarte (Professor, researcher and author of the book “Global Jihadism”; Portugal)

Spyros Galinos (Mayor of Lesbos; Greece)

Moderated by Pedro Pinto (Journalist, TVI; Portugal)

Watch the session at


Further information on the conferences, including videos of all sessions, is available at

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