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The deadline for residential registration for the RSC's Refugee Voices conference is tomorrow. The deadline for non-residential registration is 2 March 2014

UNHCR / B Sokol
Photojournalist Brian Sokol asked refugees in South Sudan to show him the most important item they brought with them

On the 24–25 March 2014, the RSC will host a landmark conference, ‘Refugee Voices’, to explore the voices and artistic expression of refugees and other forced migrants who fall into the ‘grey zones’ between nation-states.

The cross-disciplinary conference will welcome academics, artists and refugee activists to present talks, and photography and art exhibitions, which recognise and investigate the unheard voices of forced migrants.

The conference aims to offer much-needed new perspectives on forced migrants, exiles and refugees: Under what circumstances do refugees, exiles and forced migrants leave a nation-state that is collapsing? How do they cope with existence outside the nation-state? How do they express their experiences, perceive their futures, and manipulate existing systems outside the state in order to achieve dignity, justice and freedom?

By focusing on a variety of media and diverse themes – including art and culture, historical voices, spaces and identities, and participatory research – Refugee Voices aims to open a new dialogue that will address one of the major humanitarian challenges in the world today.

The exciting programme includes an opening plenary by Jeff Crisp, Senior Director for Policy and Advocacy at Refugees International

View the conference webpage
View the draft programme
Register now @ Oxford University Stores

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