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Monday 24 March

8 – 9.30am

Conference registration
9.30 – 9.45am Director's welcome
9.45 – 10.45am Opening plenary – In search of solutions: refugees are doing it for themselves
Jeff Crisp, Refugees International
10.45 – 11.15am Break

Session 1

11.15am – 1pm Panel 1 – Representations of 'the refugee'

Chair: Alexander Betts (Associate Professor of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies)

'They take your photograph. You come into existence': Irregular migrants and struggles over representations
Bendixsen, Synnove

Playing the trickster? Voices of asylum seekers in Glasgow
Hill, Emma

Genuine voices? (Im)mobilizing refugees in humanitarian discourse and practice
Bardelli, Nora and Meneguello Bressan, Laís

11.15am – 1pm Panel 2 – Refugee voices and the asylum process

Chair: Cathryn Costello (Andrew W Mellon Associate Professor of International Human Rights and Refugee Law)

Whose voice? Hearing the refugee interpreter
Moser-Mercer, Barbara and Mercer, Kerstin

Adjudicating the refugee story: assessing pitfalls and charting possibilities
Barry-Murphy, Emily and Stephenson Jr, Max

Die asyl-monologe and the German actors
Bhimji, Fazila

11.15am – 1pm Panel 3 – Refugees from Burma/Myanmar

Chair: Gil Loescher (Visiting Professor)

Efforts to transform the dialogue with refugees: the Chin experience
Fleming, Rachel

Communication as aid: giving voice to refugees on the Thai-Myanmar border
Jack, Victoria

The new aid paradigm in Burma – building or undermining peace?
Curwen, Pippa

The Chins seeking refuge in Mizoram State, India: a roundtable approach to refugee protection
Wilch, Matthew and Hmung, Zo Tum

11.15am – 1pm Panel 4 – Statelessness: Palestinian voices

Chair: Dawn Chatty (Professor of Anthropology and Forced Migration)

Undesirables: 117 Palestinian refugees in Brazil, between humanitarianism and nationalisms
Schiocchet, Leonardo

Stateless governance: the Palestinian refugee camps
Irfan, Anne

No place to call home: the case of Palestinian refugees
Shiblak, Abbas

1 – 2pm Lunch

Session 2

2 – 3.45pm Panel 5 – Music and cultural expression

Chair: Tom Scott Smith (Teaching Assistant)

Music as a strategy of youth resilience in Dadaab refugee camp, Kenya
Kiruthu, Felix

Ox songs and protracted encampment
Shao, Oliver

The art of the problem: aesthetic encounters of asylum-seeking children in Denmark
Whyte, Zachary

2 – 3.45pm Panel 6 – Refugee voices and new media

Chair: Louise Bloom (Research Officer)

Memories and voices of Jews displaced from Arab Lands in 1948–1958
Negrine, Ralph

Refugee and diasporic voices in virtual space: live narratives and hybrid activism
Doná, Giorgia and Godin, Marie

Right to a story: how KANERE free press transgresses biopower
Deramo, Michele

2 – 3.45pm Panel 7 – Refugee voices: women from Burma

Chair: Kirsten McConnachie (Joyce Pearce Junior Research Fellow)

A constant state of fear: the situation facing Chin refugee women and children in Delhi
Zahau, Rosalinn and Fleming, Rachel

Kachin IDPs and the work of Kachin Women’s Association Thailand
Nkhum, Jessica

Burma’s ethnic nationalities and the question of transition
Phan, Zoya

Women and peace
Ma Khin Mar Mar Kyi

2 – 3.45pm Panel 8 – Space, identity and ‘becoming’

Chair: Olaf Kleist (German Research Foundation Research Fellow)

Afghan refugees reclaiming urban space in Iranian cities
Sobout, Azadeh

Melbourne Hazara oral histories: Hazara mens' and womens' stories about becoming Australian
Mackenzie, Laurel

Rhythms, rituals and remembrance of exile: Lao, Hmong and Vietnamese refugees in Phanat Nikhom refugee camp, Thailand
Hynes, Patricia

3.45 – 4.15pm Break

Session 3

4.15 – 6pm Panel 9 – Art and identity

Chair: Will Jones (Research Officer)

The exilic aesthetic: articulations of patriotism by the expatriate
Gayed, Andrew

Graffiti by migrants in Zeebrugge
Derluyn, Ilse, Mels, Cindy, Watters, Charles and Broekaert, Eric

Living in images: the imaginative practices and aesthetic expressions of Karen refugees resettled in Melbourne, Australia
Robertson, Zoe

Affects of protest: feeling and feeling for others in refugee mobilisations in Wales
Payson, Alida

4.15 – 6pm Panel 10 – Beyond bare life: agency in encampment

Chair: Matthew Gibney (Elizabeth Colson Associate Professor of Politics and Forced Migration)

Gender in camps in Tamil Nadu
Chowdhory, Nasreen

Constructing culture: contesting inter-generational expression in a Palestinian refugee camp
Procter, Caitlin

Marginalized but not voiceless: the 'camp' of Salaam Palace in Rome
Puggioni, Raffaela

4.15 – 6pm Panel 11 – History and memory: dominant discourses and the exclusion of refugee voices

Chair: Tom Scott Smith (Teaching Assistant)

Displacements of memory
Marfleet, Philip

Hearing a voice from the past: the Hebrew Bible as a resource for the study of forced migration
Strine, Casey

Democratic access or privileged exclusion: preserving (and listening!) to the voice of the refugee within the archival record of the nation-state?
Dudman, Paul

7.15pm Conference dinner


Tuesday 25 March

Session 4

9 – 10.45am Panel 12 – Literary voices

Chair: Dawn Chatty (Professor of Anthropology and Forced Migration)

Asylum seeking in a violent metropolis: writing alternative Londons in Brian Chikwava's Harare North
Davies, Dominic

Romanticism, law and the nation state: three novels on the refugee experience
Behrman, Simon

'Man as a cause': Ghassan Kanafani and the politics of literature
Kuntz, Blair

‘Real Bedouin words’: displacement, cultural ‘purity’, and Jordanian women’s Nabati poetry
Seeley, Maira

9 – 10.45am Panel 13 – Methodologies: reflexivity

Chair: Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (Senior Research Officer)

Refugee voices: challenging the epistemic void
Korac, Maja

Living in the refugee cycle as a (marginal) scholar and practitioner: epistemological and methodological reflections arising from empirical research
López Zarzosa, Helia

Representing 'the story' on stage – theatre as an alternative form of data representation?
Opfermann, Lena

9 – 10.45am Panel 14 – Detention and deportation

Chair: Cathryn Costello (Andrew W Mellon Associate Professor of International Human Rights and Refugee Law)

Beyond the Island - experiences of asylum seekers in Australia
Newman, Louise

Responding to mental health vulnerability in Maltese detention centres: the use of psychological support groups as an intervention tool
Caruana, Julian and Rossi, Alexia

The voice of the silenced in the Australian detention system
Wainer, Devorah

Deportation of Sudanese children by Israel
Gerver, Mollie

9 – 10.45am Panel 15 – Refugee youth: coping, adapting, resisting

Chair: Kirsten McConnachie (Joyce Pearce Junior Research Fellow)

Voice, rights and resistance amongst Congolese human rights defenders
McQuaid, Katie

Young Afghans returning home: making sense of past and present
Robinson, Kim and Williams, Lucy

The voice of the silenced in the Australian detention system
Wainer, Devorah

Make not break: perspectives on risk and resilience by separated young people seeking asylum
Gupta, Anna and Clayton, Sue

10.45 – 11.15am Break

Session 5

11.15am – 1pm Panel 16 – Resistance and the body

Chair: Tom Scott Smith (Teaching Assistant)

Human rights, the human condition and refugee protest / We are human: detained refugees struggle for recognition as human
Fiske, Lucy

Protests in Cairo
Danielson, Nora

Welcome to Greece: violence and activism at the border
Pia, Emily

11.15am – 1pm Panel 17 – Methodologies: inclusion

Chair: Matthew Gibney (Elizabeth Colson Associate Professor of Politics and Forced Migration)

Giving refugee young people a voice: rights, respect and methods
Lawrence, Jeanette, Kaplan, Ida and Dodds, Agnes

Reclaiming agency: voices of refugee and asylum-seeing women
Greenfields Margaret and Paszkiewicz, Natalia

Unsettling accounts: community-based narrative / ethnographic inquiry with LGBTQ refugees in Canada
Jordan, Sharalyn and Rainbow Refugee Committee

11.15am – 1pm Panel 18 – Refugees from Syria

Chair: Dawn Chatty (Professor of Anthropology and Forced Migration)

Listening to the voices of Syrian women refugees in Jordan: ethnographies of displacement and emplacement
Al Akash, Ruba and Boswall, Karen

Coping strategies among self-settled Syrians in Lebanon
Thorleifsson, Cathrine

Constructions of ‘refugees’ through cultural expression: Syrian refugees in Lebanon
Kiwan, Dina Jane

'Khidan li-Adhan… walls have ears' even in the diaspora: Syrians in London
Ferreri, Veronica

11.15am – 1pm Panel 19 – Repatriation and return

Chair: Naohiko Omata (Research Officer)

Hoping for peace, preparing for war: negotiating safety on the borders of Uganda and Sudan
Hovil, Lucy

Deconstructing the meanings and motivations of return: an Afghan case study
Van Houte, Marieke, Siegel, Melissa and Davids, Tine

Geopolitical change and mobility dilemmas: anxieties, obstacles and challenges of 'moving back’ or 'moving on' (case of Karenni refugees on the Mae Hong Son [Thailand] - Kayah State [Myanmar] borderland)
Grundy Warr, Carl and Chin, Wei Jun

Narrating 'home': transcending the nation state
Hughes, Vanessa

11.15am – 1pm Panel 20 – Bhutanese refugees

Chair: Gil Loescher (Visiting Professor)

Faith and religious practice in Bhutanese and Iraqi refugee communities
Shanahan, Suzanne; Kim, Esther and Stefanich, Julie

Expressions and experiences of suffering and hope in the process of third-country resettlement
El-Shaarawi, Nadia; Bhai, Kiran and Howard, Kelly

Uncovering resettled refugees' voices
Ott, Eleanor

Silent cries of Dalits in refugee voice
Shrestha, Tara

1 – 2pm Lunch

Session 6

2 – 3.45pm Panel 21 – Historical voices

Chair: Tom Scott-Smith (Teaching Assistant)

Reconstructed ethnography of WWII evacuation and displacement
Okely, Judith

Polish resettlement camps for political refugees after the second world: understanding resettlement to the UK
Blaszczyk-Sawyer, Agata

Hope, apathy and despair: refugee voices in transit from Camp Traiskirchen (1982–1990)
Watton-Lasbo, Karen Elizabeth

2 – 3.45pm Panel 22 – Statelessness: the Rohingya

Chair: Kirsten McConnachie (Joyce Pearce Junior Research Fellow)

Voices of the Burmese Rohingya refugees: an analysis of everyday life in refugee camps in Bangladesh
Tun Khin

The treatment of the Rohingya
Agata Blaszczyk-Sawyer

Shared responsibility: an international approach to the Rohingya crisis
de Chickera, Amal

The Rohingya: reading the State
Maung, Zarni

2 – 3.45pm Panel 23 – Coping and resilience

Chair: Maurice Herson (Co-Editor, Forced Migration Review)

Meaning making strategies among Bosnian refugees in Sweden
Porobic, Selma

Voices of refugees: psychological adaptation in the aftermath of the Nicaraguan civil war
Dombo, Eileen and Ahearn, Frederick

Displacement and resettlement: voices from Jaffna in Sri Lanka
Kopalapillai, Amirthalingam, Jayatilaka, Danesh and Lakshman Rajith

Organized chaos: informal institution building in the Maashouk gathering
Yassin, Nasser, Stel, Nora and Rassi, Rima

3.45 – 4.15pm Break

Closing artist session

4.15 – 6pm

Chair: Dawn Chatty (Professor of Anthropology and Forced Migration)

Speaking through the void: visual voices of memory in photography
Fassl, Johanna

Syria: faces of the revolution
Chapman, Russell

Borderline existence: Chin in Mizoram State
Rubin, Steven

Photography as self-expression; barriers in accessing education for young asylum seekers in London
Mitchell, Mary

 Photography and art exhibitions

Throughout the conference there will be photography and art exhibitions including:

Refugee photography exhibit: Clothes line
Read more: Gaza youth receive first prize in UNRWA/EU photo and film competition (

Rhythms, rituals and remembrance of exile: Lao, Hmong and Vietnamese refugees in Phanat Nikhom, Thailand
Patricia Hynes

Borderline existence: Chin in Mizoram State
Steven Rubin
View the photo gallery at the Chin Seeking Refuge website:

Polish resettlement camps in the UK
Agata Blaszczyk-Sawyer

Refugee Voices

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For any enquiries about this conference, please contact:

Heidi El-Megrisi
International Summer School and Conferences Manager
T: +44 (0) 1865 281728/9