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Special issue contains seven articles drawn from conference presentations

A special issue of the journal Refuge has just been published on ‘Refugee Voices’, with seven articles based on presentations given at the 2014 RSC conference of the same name and an introduction by Emeritus Professor Dawn Chatty (former Director of the RSC). The conference explored the voices and aesthetic expressions of those dispossessed, displaced, and marginalised by the pre-eminence of the nation-state.

In her introductory article, Professor Chatty writes: “These articles challenge preconceived notions of passivity and acquiescence of displaced and dispossessed people and communities, by encouraging the articulation of their perspectives and subjectivities. The seven articles…all have an interest in the aesthetic expressions of the displaced, the dispossessed, and the migrant, both the mobility of the forced migrant and the universal aesthetics of expression. They offer a unique perspective on the rebuilt lives, identities, and expressions of displaced people in their newly defined worlds in the grey zone between nation-states.”

The seven articles are written by Philip Marfleet, Lucy Fiske, Vanessa Hughes, Simon Behrman, Katie R.V. McQuaid, Michele C. Deramo, and Marie Godin & Giorgia Doná.

The special issue is available here >>

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