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LiveFriday event on May 15th to feature research from Oxford University's Social Sciences Division

The Refugee Studies Centre is pleased to be participating in this week’s LiveFriday event at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. We will be giving a presentation on the lives of young refugees in the Middle East, featuring the wonderful photographs from the 2013 UNRWA/EU photo and film competition for young Palestine refugees, followed by a Q&A session with Professor Dawn Chatty.

The LiveFriday event, titled Social Animals, will feature researchers from across Oxford University’s Social Sciences Division. The Ashmolean will be throwing open its doors for an evening of live performances, creative workshops and lively talks examining what makes people and societies tick. Other activities from the Oxford Department of International Development include a performance-experience centred around migration, exclusion and discrimination from the International Migration Institute (IMI).

The RSC presentation will start at 8.15pm in Gallery 21 on the Ground Floor of the museum. We hope to see you there!


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