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Professor Dawn Chatty has guest edited the latest special issue of the Journal of Refugee Studies on ‘Displaced Syrians’. The articles in the special issue emerged from a workshop held at New York University Abu Dhabi in 2019. The workshop aimed to encourage an examination of the perceptions and aspirations of displaced Syrians and practitioners in hosting countries in the Levant, the Gulf, and in Europe, with special attention to the voices of the displaced, their reimagining of home and homeland, and the emerging transnational sense of identity and belonging.

The eight articles in the issue examine how those displaced from Syria have negotiated the responses to their plight, their various strategies for finding safety in dignity, and new identities and belongings in exile, as well as hosting community reactions to their presence. There is a strong geographic spread covering the major receiving countries in Europe and, within the region, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and the UAE.

Find the special issue online here.

The workshop, ‘Exiles, Migrants, and Refugees from Syria: Imagined Homelands, Asylum, and Transnational Belongings’, took place at the New York University Abu Dhabi Saadiyat campus from 25 to 27 March 2019. It was funded by a conference grant from The Institute, New York University Abu Dhabi.