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a child's fingerprints are taken using a machine

Two podcasts are now available on SoundCloud from the workshop Deconstructing Biometric Refugee Registration, which took place on 15 June 2018 at the Oxford Department of International Development.

This workshop consisted of presentations and discussion around the following questions related to refugee registration, with a particular focus on biometric registration:

  • How has refugee registration changed over time, and for what reasons?
  • How do refugees and ‘street level’ bureaucrats experience and understand registration?
  • How do the interests of states, refugees and international organisations impact and shape registration procedures?

Speakers included:

Shane O’Brien, Registration Officer (Identity Management), UNHCR

Dr Anja Simonsen, Biometrics Border Worlds Project, University of Copenhagen

Dr Katja Jacobsen, author of Politics of Humanitarian Technology (Routledge, 2017)


Presentation by Dr Katja Jacobsen (University of Copenhagen, Department of Political Science) discussing biometric registration and its implications

Presentation by Dr Anja Simonsen (University of Copenhagen, Department of Anthropology) discussing the lived experiences of biometric registration among refugee communities


The workshop ‘Deconstructing Biometric Refugee Registration’ was funded by the Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) / Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Research and Dissemination Fund.