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Professor Dawn Chatty is quoted in Al Jazeera article on the challenges faced by Jordan in hosting 650,000 registered refugees, about a tenth of its total population

The article, 'A nation of refugees: Jordan struggles with those fleeing regional crises', looks at how Jordan is coping with the influx of refugees and its efforts to balance economy with the politics of integration.

Focusing on the shift from immediate humanitarian relief to long-term development, the article considers the situation of urban refugees who often survive by working in the informal sector. Whilst the host community are targeted for job support, refugees' informal livelihoods can come at a high cost, including the threat of detainment.

Quoted in the article, Professor Chatty says: 'It’s very clear in Jordan that Syrians have contributed a great deal to the economy...Jordan just won’t admit it...If Jordan can show that refugees are draining their economy, then they tap into much greater international support...It’s politics.'

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