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Palestinian refugees and the Global Compact on Refugees

Working paper

Damian Lilly, (2021), RSC Working Paper Series 136

Rethinking solutions for Palestinian refugees: A much-needed paradigm shift and an opportunity towards its realization

Working paper

Francesca P Albanese and Lex Takkenberg, (2021), RSC Working Paper Series 135

Perverse incentives: an analysis of the border-management industry in the United States

Working paper

Emma Montoya, (2020), RSC Working Paper Series 132

The Rohingya refugee crisis: rethinking solutions and accountability

Working paper

Brian Gorlick, (2019), RSC Working Paper Series 131

Frozen frontier: uti possidetis and the decolonization of South Asia

Working paper

Vanshaj Ravi Jain, (2019), RSC Working Paper Series 130

Integration of resettled Syrian refugees in Oxford: preliminary study in 2018

Working paper

Naohiko Omata and Dunya Habash, with Nuha Abdo, (2019), RSC Working Paper Series, 129

Politics resettled: the case of the Palestinian diaspora in Chile

Working paper

Victor Beaume, (2019), RSC Working Paper Series, 128

Seeking informal asylum: The case of Central Americans in the United States

Working paper

Angela Remus, (2019), RSC Working Paper Series, 127

Contested evolution of nutrition for humanitarian and development ends

Working paper

Susanne Jaspars, Tom Scott-Smith and Elizabeth Hull, (2018), RSC Working Paper Series, 125

Researching forced migration: critical reflections on research ethics during fieldwork

Working paper

Ulrike Krause, (2017), RSC Working Paper Series, 123

The history of global migration governance

Working paper

Alexander Betts and Lena Kainz, (2017), RSC Working Paper Series, 122

#AlanKurdi: Presentation and dissemination of images of suffering on Twitter

Working paper

Joshua Aiken, Hannes Einsporn, Monica Greco, Rachel Landry, and Angela Navarro Fusillo, (2017), RSC Working Paper Series, 121

Refugee economies in Kenya: preliminary study in Nairobi and Kakuma camp

Working paper

Naohiko Omata, (2016), RSC Working Paper Series, 120

The ‘humanitarian smuggling’ of refugees: criminal offence or moral obligation?

Working paper

Rachel Landry, (2016), RSC Working Paper Series, 119

From returnees to citizens? The case of minority repatriations to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Working paper

Hannes Einsporn, (2016), RSC Working Paper Series, 118

Performing the human: refugees, the body, and the politics of universalism

Working paper

Moe Suzuki, (2016), RSC Working Paper Series, 117

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