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Refugee entrepreneurship in Rwanda

Research in Brief

Naohiko Omata and Yotam Gidron, (2023), RSC Research in Brief 20

Urban refugees and IDPs in secondary cities

Research in Brief

Evan Easton-Calabria and Jennifer Wood, (2022), RSC Research in Brief 19

IDPs in secondary cities: good practices and ongoing challenges from Ethiopia

Research in Brief

Evan Easton-Calabria et al, (2021), RSC Research in Brief 16

Building economies in refugee-hosting regions: lessons from Dollo Ado

Research in Brief

Alexander Betts and Raphael Bradenbrink, (2020), RSC Research in Brief 18

The IKEA Foundation and livelihoods in Dollo Ado: lessons from the cooperatives model

Research in Brief

Alexander Betts and Raphael Bradenbrink, (2020), RSC Research in Brief 17

Cash transfer models and debt in the Kalobeyei settlement

Research in Brief

Olivier Sterck et al, (2020), RSC Research in Brief 15

Research in Brief: Avoiding refugee status and alternatives to asylum

Research in Brief

Georgia Cole, (2019), RSC Research in Brief 14

Research in Brief: Exploring assumptions behind ‘voluntary’ returns from North Africa

Research in Brief

Anne-Line Rodriguez, (2019), RSC Research in Brief 13

Research in Brief: Venezuelan Survival Migration as a Development Opportunity

Research in Brief

Alexander Betts, (2019), RSC Research in Brief 12

Research in Brief: Uganda's Self-Reliance Model: Does it Work?

Research in Brief

Alexander Betts et al, (2019), RSC Research in Brief 11

Research in Brief: Refugees as Providers of Protection and Assistance

Research in Brief

Alexander Betts, Kate Pincock and Evan Easton-Calabria, (2018), RSC Research in Brief 10

Research in Brief: Resettled Syrian Refugees in Oxford

Research in Brief

Naohiko Omata, with Dunya Habash & Nuha Abdo, (2018), RSC Research in Brief 9

Research in Brief: Refugee Energy

Research in Brief

Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen, (2018), RSC Research in Brief 8

Research in Brief: Refugee Self-Reliance: Moving Beyond the Marketplace

Research in Brief

Evan Easton-Calabria et al, (2017), Research in Brief 7

Research in Brief: Decriminalising ‘Humanitarian Smuggling’

Research in Brief

Rachel Landry, (2017), Research in Brief 6

Research in Brief: Informal versus Formal Infrastructure: Energy and water systems in the Kakuma refugee camps, Kenya

Research in Brief

Cory Rodgers and Louise Bloom, (2016), Research in Brief 5

Research in Brief: ERPUM and the Drive to Deport Unaccompanied Minors

Research in Brief

Martin Lemberg-Pedersen and Dawn Chatty, (2015), RSC Research in Brief 4

Research in Brief: Refugee Economies

Research in Brief

Alexander Betts and Naohiko Omata, (2015), RSC Research in Brief 2

Research in Brief: Bottom-up Humanitarian Innovation

Research in Brief

Louise Bloom, (2015), RSC Research in Brief 1

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