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Alternative perceptions of authority and control: the desert and the Ma’moura of Syria

Journal article

Dawn Chatty and Ronald Jaubert, (2002), The Arab World Geographer , 5 (2) , 71 - 72

Return to peace: post-conflict realities

Forced Migration Review

Marion Couldrey and Tim Morris (eds), (2001), Forced Migration Review, 11

Fear in Bongoland: Burundi Refugees in Urban Tanzania


Marc Sommers, (2001), Studies in Forced Migration, 8

Whatever Happened to Asylum in Britain? A Tale of Two Walls


Louise Pirouet†, (2001), Studies in Forced Migration, 9

Protection and Humanitarian Action in the Post Cold War Period


Gil Loescher, (2001), Global Migrants, Global Refugees

UNHCR and the Convention at 50: fighting fit - or in need of a by-pass?

Forced Migration Review

Marion Couldrey and Tim Morris (eds), (2001), Forced Migration Review, 10

UNHCR and World Politics: State Pressures and Institutional Autonomy

Journal article

Gil Loescher, (2001), International Migration Review, 35 (1), 33 - 56

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