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Contested evolution of nutrition for humanitarian and development ends

Working paper

Susanne Jaspars, Tom Scott-Smith and Elizabeth Hull, (2018), RSC Working Paper Series, 125

Twenty Years of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement

Forced Migration Review

Marion Couldrey and Jenny Peebles (eds), (2018), 59

Research in Brief: Resettled Syrian Refugees in Oxford

Research in Brief

Naohiko Omata, with Dunya Habash & Nuha Abdo, (2018), RSC Research in Brief 9

Research in Brief: Refugee Energy

Research in Brief

Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen, (2018), RSC Research in Brief 8

The Court of Justice endorses the emergency scheme for compulsory relocation of asylum seekers within the European Union: Slovak Republic and Hungary v. Council

Journal article

Bruno De Witte and Evangelia (Lilian) Tsourdi, (2018), Common market law review, 55 (5), 1457 - 1494

Promoting the economic reintegration of returnees through vocational training: lessons from Liberia

Journal article

Naohiko Omata and Noriko Takahashi, (2018), Development in practice

Conceptualising Forced Migration: Praxis, Scholarship and Empirics


Roger Zetter, (2018), Forced Migration: Current Issues and Debates

The ethics of refugees

Journal article

Matthew J Gibney, (2018), Philosophy compass

Economies: rights and access to work

Forced Migration Review

Marion Couldrey, Jenny Peebles (eds), (2018), Forced migration review, 58

Panacea for the refugee crisis? Rethinking the promotion of ‘self-reliance’ for refugees

Journal article

Evan Easton-Calabria and Naohiko Omata, (2018), Third world quarterly

Syrians in displacement

Forced Migration Review

Marion Couldrey, Jenny Peebles (eds), (2018), Forced migration review, 57

Refugee Economies in Kenya


Alexander Betts, Naohiko Omata, Olivier Sterck, (2018)

Paradoxes of Resilience: A Review of the World Disasters Report 2016

Journal article

Tom Scott-Smith, (2018), Development and change

How friends become foes: exploring the role of documents in shaping UNHCR’s behaviour

Journal article

Georgia Cole, (2018), Third world quarterly

School, sexuality and problematic girlhoods: reframing ‘empowerment’ discourse

Journal article

Kate Pincock, (2018), Third world quarterly

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Forced Migration Review (FMR)

Forced Migration Review presents concise, accessible articles on forced migration in a magazine format.

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Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS)

The Journal of Refugee Studies provides a forum for exploration of the complex problems of forced migration.

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RSC research in brief Series

This series presents concise summaries of research in an accessible and engaging format.

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RSC Working Paper Series

This series is intended to aid the rapid distribution of research findings, work in progress, and special lectures.

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RSC Policy Briefing Series

This series seeks to stimulate debates on issues of key interest to researchers, policymakers and practitioners.

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Studies in Forced Migration

This book series is published by Berghahn Books, in association with the Refugee Studies Centre.

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