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Refugees and the Right to Citizenship…Somewhere


Matthew J Gibney, (2022)

Deprivation of Citizenship through a Political Lens


Matthew J Gibney, (2020), The World’s Stateless 2020: Deprivation of Nationality, 207 - 210

When States Take Rights Back: Citizenship Revocation and Its Discontents


Émilien Fargues, Elke Winter, Matthew J Gibney (editors), (2020)

Banishment and the pre-history of legitimate expulsion power

Journal article

Matthew J Gibney, (2019), Citizenship Studies

The Duties of Refugees


Matthew J Gibney, (2019), The Political Philosophy of Refuge, 132 - 153

Denationalisation and discrimination

Journal article

Matthew J Gibney, (2019), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

The ethics of refugees

Journal article

Matthew J Gibney, (2018), Philosophy Compass



Matthew J Gibney, (2017), The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship, 358 - 383

The Unworthy Citizen


Bridget Anderson and Matthew J Gibney, (2017), Within and Beyond Citizenship: Borders, Membership and Belonging

Refugees and justice between states

Journal article

Matthew J Gibney, (2015), European Journal of Political Theory, 1 - 17

Beware states piercing holes into citizenship

Working paper

Matthew Gibney (Audrey Macklin & Rainer Baubock, editors), (2015), The Return of Banishment: Do the New Denationalisation Policies Weaken Citizenship?

The Deprivation of Citizenship in the United Kingdom: A Brief History

Journal article

Matthew Gibney, (2014), Journal of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law, 28.4, 326 - 335

Political theory, ethics and forced migration


Matthew J Gibney, (2014), In: Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, E., Loescher, G., Long, K., Sigona, N. (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

Asylum: principled hypocrisy


Matthew J Gibney, (2014), COMPAS Anthology

Liberal democratic states and responsibilities to refugees


Matthew J Gibney, (2014), In: Hathaway, J. (ed) Human Rights And Refugee Law

‘A very transcendental power’: denaturalisation and the liberalisation of citizenship in the United Kingdom

Journal article

Matthew J Gibney, (2013), Political Studies, 61 (3), 637 - 655

Deportation, crime, and the changing character of membership in the United Kingdom


Matthew J Gibney, (2013), In: Franko Aas, K., Bosworth, M. (eds) The Borders of Punishment: Migration, Citizenship, and Social Exclusion

Should citizenship be conditional? The ethics of denationalization

Journal article

Matthew J Gibney, (2013), The Journal of Politics, 75 (3), 646 - 658

Is deportation a form of forced migration?

Journal article

Matthew J Gibney, (2013), Refugee Survey Quarterly, 32 (2), 116 - 129

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