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Following the incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003 into Irish Law, legal developments in areas such as criminal, family and immigration law have raised serious questions of compatibility with the ECHR. Developments in the European Court of Human Rights have highlighted the increasing potential for using the ECHR to positive effect in Irish law. This second edition of ECHR and Irish Law examines the impact of the ECHR on Irish law and considers the actual and potential contribution of the ECHR Act to domestic law in a range of areas. The work begins with research on the impact of the Act and an examination of the relationship between the ECHR, Irish law and EU law. There follows an examination of the effect of the ECHR on individual areas of Irish law, combined with analysis of ECHR law on these subjects. The book has been revised to include new and expanded chapters on: Civil Proceedings Prisoners' Rights Suspicious Deaths and Policing Immigration, Refugee and Asylum Law Criminal law. Written by a team of leading experts in their respective fields, ECHR and Irish Law provides an authoritative account of the incorporation of the ECHR and its impact on Irish Law in practice.

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