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Ulrike Krause

Junior Professor for Forced Migration and Refugee Studies, University of Osnabrück

Dr Ulrike Krause is Junior Professor for Forced Migration and Refugee Studies at the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies (IMIS) and the Institute for Social Science, University of Osnabrück. Prior to this she was a Research Fellow at the Center for Conflict Studies, Marburg University and PI of the project Global Refugee Protection and Local Refugee Engagement.

Her teaching and research interests are in the areas of humanitarian refugee protection, conflict displacement nexus, resilience, gender as well as sexual and gender-based violence. Her regional focus is on Africa, in particular East Africa and Uganda.

Ulrike has published widely on these topics. She is a co-founder and co-editor of the German Journal for Refugee Studies, a board member of the German Network Refugee Research (Netzwerk Flüchtlingsforschung) and of the German Association for Peace and Conflict Studies (AFK). She has also founded and led the German Refugee Research Blog (FlüchtlingsforschungsBlog) as a part of the German Network Refugee Research.

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