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Tom Western

Lecturer in Social and Cultural Geography, University College London

Tom Western is a Lecturer in Social and Cultural Geography at UCL. His teaching and research centre on movements and migrations, cities and citizenships, relations and imaginations, activisms and anticolonialisms – working with methods that foreground sound and voice. He works primarily in Athens, Greece, where he studies and contributes to migratory activisms and creative citizenship movements. He is a member of the Syrian and Greek Youth Forum (SGYF), with whom he runs the Active Citizens Sound Archive – a space for amplifying citizenship work, youth activism, community mobilising, and collective research and knowledge production. He is also a member of the ‘Memory – Monuments’ working group of Decolonize Hellas, developing anticolonial approaches to culture, history, and questions of citizenship in the Greek context.

Tom is currently writing a book titled Circular Movements: Migratory Citizenships in Athens. The book focuses on how movements move: how activisms travel, circulate, migrate; how citizenship struggles shuttle from place to place; how resistances resonate across anticolonial geographies and radical trajectories. It hears how people in Athens creatively contest the logics of borders and citizenship regimes, reimagining questions of being and belonging in the city, and remaking citizenships against citizenship.

Tom was previously a Marie Curie fellow in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Oslo and an Early Career Fellow in Forced Migration Studies at the Refugee Studies Centre. Before that, hr graduated with degrees in music and cultural studies from the Universities of Liverpool and Edinburgh, completing an AHRC-funded PhD at the latter in 2016.