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Mwangi Mwaura

Mwangi Mwaura

Academic Events and Outreach Coordinator, Nairobi

Mwangi Mwaura is the Academic Events and Outreach Coordinator at RLRH. He is in charge of organizing events that encourage knowledge sharing and skills development for RLRH affiliates. His goal is to create a vibrant multi-disciplinary environment by engaging the general public in RLRH’s work. Mwangi’s background is in Development Studies with research specialty in Southern Urban Cities Livelihoods and Infrastructures, through which he has been part of the vibrant social justice movements across Nairobi’s settlements.

Mwangi has published in academic platforms, including the Journal of Eastern African Studies. He has also disseminated his work in non-academic platforms such as Africa Is A Country and with opinion pieces in Kenyan newspapers. He has also written policy briefs and convened policy workshops on youth inclusion and on private security in counter-terrorism around Kenya. During his BA he participated in global and regional essay competitions including the 2021 Global Peter Drucker challenge where his essay was ranked among the top 15 worldwide.