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Ashwiny Kistnareddy

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Dr Ashwiny O Kistnareddy is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the Refugee Studies Centre.

She completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge, where she is also affiliated lecturer in the MMLL Faculty. She has published two monographs: Locating Hybridity (2015) and Migrant Masculinities in Women’s Writing: (In)Hospitality, Community, Vulnerability (2021).

She has a monograph, Refugee Afterlives: Home, Hauntings, and Hunger, forthcoming. It looks at Francophone Vietnamese refugee (s’) children’s writing and their engagement with notions of exile, homelessness, race, gendered affect, haunting and food and foodways as they rebuild community. She has published mostly on literature and women’s writing and recently developed an interest in Refugee studies, more precisely refugee children’s experiences and autobiographical narratives.

Her Leverhulme project is entitled ‘Refugee Children as a Site of Critical Intervention’.

Twitter: @DrAshwinyOK

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