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Today is World Refugee Day and much of the focus in the UK media is on the ongoing conflict in Syria

UNHCR / O Laban-Mattei
UNHCR Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie, speaks with newly arrived Syrian refugees in a Jordanian military camp at the border between Syria and Jordan. Jolie traveled to Jordan's border with Syria on 18 June at the start of a visit to mark World Refugee Day

The Independent leads with a report by Antoinette Powell, Communications officer for Christian Aid, from a recent trip visiting Syrian refugees in Iraq, and the Daily Mail covers a poignant collection of pictures released by Save the Children to mark the occasion. Elsewhere, the Huffington Post has a interesting infographic on the Syrian refugee crisis, courtesy of the European Parliament, andthe Guardian is hosting a live debate from 1-3pm examining investment and innovation in refugee camps. Also looking at humanitarian innovation, The Telegraph reports on UN tests of 'solar lighting' in refugee camp shelters to help improve living conditions and reduce the risk of violence against women and children on camps.

Here is a quick summary of the coverage. 

The Guardian

World Refugee Day: is it time to invest in refugee camps?
With millions living in refugee camps, how can innovations push beyond meeting their basic needs to harnessing their wellbeing and prosperity? Join our live debate on Thursday, 20 June.

Huffington Post UK

World Refugees Day: Giving a Better Reception to Those Fleeing Their Homes
It's not the abandoned vehicles along the roads or the bombed-out houses that provide the starkest reminder of just how far the conflict in Syria has escalated, but the groups of refugees that continue to pour across the borders. It's the fate of people like these hundreds of thousands of Syrians that World Refugee Day on 20 June calls attention to.

The Independent

World Refugee Day: Thousands of displaced Syrians live on a knife edge
To mark World Refugee Day, Antoinette Powell, Communications officer for Christian Aid, reports back from her recent trip visiting Syrian refugees in Iraq.

Daily Mail

'We couldn't help them all, we had to leave them there': Plight of Syrian refugees revealed as witnesses tell how dehydrated and injured children are left to die on the roadsides

  • Save The Children has released a report and a poignant collection of pictures to mark World Refugee Day
  • There are currently 1.6million refugees who have escaped Syria and crossed into neighbouring countries
  • The conflict has so far claimed an estimated 93,000 lives according to latest estimates from the U.N

The Telegraph

World Refugee Day: UN tests ground-breaking 'solar lighting' refugee camp shelters to keep women safer
The UN Refugee Agency is testing ground-breaking refugee camp shelters with solar lighting - the world's first - to help improve living conditions and reduce the risk of violence against women and children in camps.