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The RSC Director talks to World Finance magazine

In a new article by Elizabeth Matsangou for World Finance magazine, Professor Alexander Betts highlights the potential economic benefits of welcoming refugees to Europe. Drawing on the ‘Refugee Economies’ research of the Humanitarian Innovation Project (HIP), he states: “Much of our research suggests that whether refugees are a benefit or a burden depends not just on who the refugees are, but also on the policies of the host states. When they are given the right to work, access to capital, and educational opportunities, they are likely to have the greatest impact.” Research by HIP in Uganda found that many refugees were creating jobs, both for other refugees and for Ugandans.

The article points out that with Europe’s ageing labour force and declining birth rate, what it needs in order to maintain economic growth is an injection of young workers. As Professor Betts comments “Europe should primarily be welcoming refugees because it is a humanitarian and ethical imperative, but it is also in our own economic self-interest.”

Read the full article, titled ‘Refugees are an economic benefit, not burden, to Europe’ >>

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