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Listen to a special edition of BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight held at the RSC on 20 November

Held at the Refugee Studies Centre on November 20, just a week after the terrorist attacks in Paris, this special programme of BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight focused on immigration and social cohesion. The programme included panellists Professor Alexander Betts (Director of the Refugee Studies Centre), Alp Mehmet (Vice Chair of Migration Watch) and Saira Grant (Director for the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants).

In an opening discussion about the effect of the Paris attacks on people’s views on social cohesion and immigration, Alexander Betts said, “the worry at the moment is that because these attacks take place in the immediate aftermath of a large influx of refugees and migrants, that there is a public and political backlash. We absolutely cannot mix up terrorism and refugees.”

Listen to the full discussion, chaired by Ritula Shah, here >>

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