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logo for the journal Global Governance

In a new article in Global Governance, Dr Jeff Crisp (RSC Research Associate) looks back at the history of UNHCR and the international refugee regime, and considers the challenges that the future may have in store. He writes that "the international environment has become increasingly hostile to the work of UNHCR and the task of refugee protection" with a "growing disregard for international law and disdain for multilateral cooperation, as well as a humanitarian system that has been stretched to its limits." He states, "In these circumstances, it will be increasingly difficult for UNHCR to sustain its role as an organization that is on the one hand mandated, governed, and funded by states, but on the other hand strives to safeguard people from the human rights violations perpetrated by governments."

The article, UNHCR at 70: An Uncertain Future for the International Refugee Regime, is online at: