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The Editors are very pleased to announce that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, has contributed the Foreword to the 53-chapter Handbook, which will be published in June 2014

In the Foreword, Mr Guterres writes:

Displacement is no doubt one of the great contemporary challenges the world is facing, and as the international community remains ill prepared to prevent and resolve its root causes, millions of people continue to be affected year after year. I am therefore grateful for this publication, and for the bridges it helps build between academic study and our everyday fieldwork and advocacy in forced displacement. […]

I commend the Oxford Refugee Studies Centre for providing this comprehensive overview, which covers nearly every aspect of contemporary refugee and forced displacement studies. In addition to being an essential tool for academics and students of forced migration, the comprehensive nature of this Handbook opens up the field to a wide range of stakeholders.

In particular, I hope that the Handbook will be a valuable tool for practitioners in the field and assist them in working together to protect a fundamental human value – that of providing refuge to people fleeing violence and persecution.

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