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The Wealth of RefugeesWe are pleased to announce that Professor Alexander Betts has been awarded the International Studies Association’s ‘Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Migration’ Distinguished Book Award for The Wealth of Refugees: How Displaced People Can Build Economies (Oxford University Press, 2021). 

He also received an ‘Honourable Mention’ award for the ‘Best Article or Book Chapter’ of 2021 for his article ‘Refugees and Patronage: A Political History of Uganda’s “Progressive” Refugee Policies’ published in African Affairs

The awards were presented at the ISA’s annual meeting in Nashville. Professor Loren Landau (Professor of Migration and Development, ODID) also received an award, winning the ‘Distinguished Scholar Award’ by the ENMISA section, with a panel convened at the annual meeting celebrating his work on ‘Africa in migration research’.

Speaking of the Distinguished Book Award, Professor Betts said: “I’m delighted that The Wealth of Refugees has received this award from the ENMISA section of ISA - especially now, at a time when it’s important to remind people that refugees can make important economic contributions to receiving societies. Although the book focuses mainly on Africa, many of its arguments are equally relevant to the current European context.”

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