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This week sees the publication of the US edition of Alexander Betts and Paul Collier’s book Refuge, published in the US as Refuge: Rethinking Refugee Policy in a Changing World. The Wall Street Journal reviewed the book just ahead of its release.

In his review, James Traub writes that “by steering a path between panicked repudiation and blithe embrace, Messrs. Betts and Collier offer pragmatic insights to an intensely polemicized issue and compel us to confront hard questions. Given the forces driving conflict in Africa and the Middle East, the staggering number of the displaced is not about to diminish any time soon. Until now, the authors say, the response has oscillated between the ‘heartless head’ and the ‘headless heart.’ They have performed a precious service by reasoning with their heart and feeling with their head.”

Read the full review ‘The hazards of giving shelter’ here >>

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