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The RSC Director speaks to BBC News

On Friday, 4 September, Professor Alexander Betts spoke to BBC News about the UK government’s decision to take more Syrian refugees from UN-run refugee camps in the region. Professor Betts said that the government’s shift in position is “limited and possibly quite cynical”. He said the latest policy is a “continuation of existing policies” as it involves “taking resettled refugees from camps in the region… bolstering humanitarian support to the region, but it does nothing to share responsibility with European partners or to address people coming from Calais or moving across Europe.”

He added that while resettlement is “definitely welcome”, the UK must also work with the EU to reach “a new deal for responsibility sharing to address the needs of asylum seekers who are also coming spontaneously through Europe.”

The interview also touched on the language used by politicians and media when discussing the refugee crisis.

Watch the full interview >>

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