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New initiative announced at this week's UNHCR Executive Committee meeting

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has announced the establishment of the Solutions Alliance, which will bring together a wide range of actors to work on ending protracted displacement for both refugees and the many internally displaced people around the world. The Alliance will also work to change the current approach to displacement, from a focus on providing emergency aid to one of sustainable development. 

The SA is co-chaired by UNHCR, the governments of Denmark and Colombia, the International Rescue Committee and UNDP. 

Alexander Betts has played an important role in the formation of the SA, and through him the RSC chairs its largest working group, 'Research, Data, and Performance Management.' 

Earlier today, Naohiko Omata attended the SA side meeting 'The Solutions Alliance: partnering on solutions to displacement', where he discussed forthcoming work and research plans. 

On 3 October, a special EXCOM side event takes place entitled 'Refugees and Markets: Implementing the Global Livelihoods Strategy 2014-2018.' Dr Omata will give a presentation on the findings of the recent Refugee Economies report. 

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