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Davide Bruscoli (IOM Regional Data Hub in East & Horn of Africa) discusses his research on return and reintegration programming in the region

RLRH Festival 2022, Betts© RSCThis week the RSC’s new Refugee-Led Research Hub is holding the inaugural Refugee-Led Research Festival, taking place from 9-13 May in Nairobi and online. The Festival brings together researchers, scholars, artists, and other stakeholders throughout East Africa to promote refugee leadership in forced migration research and practice. 

The five-day programme includes training and workshops, panel discussions, movie screenings, socials, and more. The festival aims to: 1) spotlight existing refugee-led research initiatives, 2) connect RLRH-affiliated learners and researchers with people who care about ethical research and academic ecosystems, 3) facilitate exchange of ideas and actions that are making a difference, and 4) strengthen commitments from participants to support refugee leadership in research and elsewhere.

RLRH Festival 2022, Vuni© RSCThe full programme is available here. Presenters include Fabian Oriri (Programme Officer at Kituo cha Sheria & Advocate of High Courts of Kenya), Ruth Njiri (Head of Partnerships at Cohere), Bahati Ghislain (Co-founder and Executive Director at Kintsugi), Rediet Abiy Kassaye (Programme Manager, Refugee Livelihoods Initiative, IKEA Foundation), Dominic Nyabuto (Scholarship and Financial Officer at Windle Trust International), Benjamin Ng'aru (Senior Officer at East African Centre for Forced Migration and Displacement), Victor Nyamori (Researcher/Advisor on Refugee Migrants Rights Team, Amnesty International), and members of the RLRH.

Sessions are taking place at the RLRH’s Nairobi offices with some hybrid sessions also held on Zoom. The RLRH team are live tweeting the event from their new Twitter account: @RLRH_Oxford.


Photos: top - Alexander Betts (RSC) speaks on presenting and disseminating research findings; bottom - Foni Vuni (RLRH) talks about how to conduct interviews that are ethical, transparent, and empathetic