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With articles based on presentations from the April 2016 symposium celebrating Professor Goodwin-Gill’s scholarship

© Keith Barnes Photography
Professor Guy S Goodwin-Gill speaking at the symposium, April 2016.

Last April, a special international gathering was held in Oxford to celebrate the scholarship of Professor Guy S Goodwin-Gill, Emeritus Professor of International Refugee Law and Honorary Associate with the Refugee Studies Centre. As part of this, the International Journal of Refugee Law (IJRL) hosted a symposium, jointly sponsored by All Souls College, the Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, the Oxford Faculty of Law, and the Refugee Studies Centre. The IJRL has now published a special issue in honour of Professor Goodwin-Gill, with articles based on presentations made at the symposium.

This special issue includes articles by:

  • Jane McAdam (Scientia Professor of Law and Director of the Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, UNSW, and Research Associate, Refugee Studies Centre)
  • Geoff Gilbert (Professor of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, University of Essex)
  • Cathryn Costello (Andrew W Mellon Associate Professor in International Human Rights and Refugee Law, Refugee Studies Centre)
  • Michelle Foster (Professor and Director of the International Refugee Law Programme, Institute for International Law and the Humanities, Melbourne Law School, and Research Associate, Refugee Studies Centre)
  • Hélène Lambert (Professor of International Law, Law School, University of Westminster, London)
  • Elspeth Guild (Jean Monnet Professor ad personam; Queen Mary University of London; Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands)
  • Jean-François Durieux (Director, International Refugee and Migration Law Programme, International Institute of Humanitarian Law, Sanremo, Italy, and Research Associate, Refugee Studies Centre)
  • Volker Türk (Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, UNHCR)
  • Madeline Garlick (Senior Legal Coordinator and Chief, Protection Policy and Legal Advice Section, Division of International Protection, UNHCR), and
  • Professor Goodwin-Gill himself.

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