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Listen to the podcast of the Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture given by Patrick Kingsley on 26 October

The lecture

Over the past two years, Patrick Kingsley has visited over 20 countries in his capacity as the Guardian’s first-ever migration correspondent. He has interviewed smugglers, refugees, coastguards, and border-guards; spent weeks on-board rescue missions in the Mediterranean; walked with migrants through the Balkans; and visited refugee camps across the Middle East, Europe and Africa. In the process Kingsley gained a unique perspective on migration to and through Europe – and in this lecture he presented some of the lessons he has learnt from this experience.

The Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture is named in honour of Dr Barbara Harrell-Bond, founding Director of the Refugee Studies Centre.

The speaker

Patrick Kingsley is the Guardian’s migration correspondent. He was named foreign affairs journalist of the year at the British Journalism Awards. His book about the European refugee crisis, The New Odyssey, which is based on reportage from 17 countries along the migration trail, was published by Faber in May. Patrick is a former winner of the Frontline award for print journalism, and was previously the Guardian’s Egypt correspondent. He has reported from 25 countries, including Denmark, where he wrote a travel book called How to be Danish.