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The Refugee Economies Programme is pleased to announce the launch of a new short documentary film, Dollo Ado: Building Refugee Economies. The film highlights the key findings and lessons learned from a multi-year collaboration of the IKEA Foundation, UNHCR, and the Government in the Dollo Ado refugee camps. Drawing upon the Programme's impact evaluation, Building Refugee Economies: An evaluation of the IKEA Foundation's programmes in Dollo Ado, published by the Refugee Studies Centre in 2020, the film provides a unique insight into the livelihoods programmes that have been implemented in the five Dollo Ado refugee camps. 

Join us virtually on 25 March 2021, 2pm UK (3pm CET, 10am EDT) to learn how these innovative programmes, implemented by the IKEA Foundation and UNHCR, have transformed refugee and host community self-reliance in Dollo Ado. The event will be hosted by the IKEA Foundation, and will include a short clip from the new documentary. We encourage you to watch the full film (available below) before the event. More information is available on the IKEA Foundation's website, where you will also be able to watch the event.


  • Alexander Betts, Professor of Forced Migration and International Affairs, University of Oxford 
  • Raphael Bradenbrink, Research Assistant and Film Director, University of Oxford 
  • Abdurahim, Refugee from Dollo Ado 
  • Annemieke de Jong, Head of Portfolio Refugee Livelihoods, IKEA Foundation 
  • Anna Gaunt, Senior Livelihoods and Economic Inclusion Officer, UNHCR 


The documentary is produced by the Refugee Studies Centre. It is written by Raphael Bradenbrink and Alexander Betts, and directed by Raphael Bradenbrink.


"IKEA's livelihoods programmes in Dollo Ado represent an extraordinary opportunity to learn. They provide insights into how to build sustainable economies for both refugees and host communities, of relevance within and beyond the Ethiopian context".

-- Alexander Betts (Director, Refugee Economies Programme)


The full evaluation report can be found here. Its key findings are summarised in two short policy briefs, focusing on 'Building Economies' and the 'Cooperatives Model'.