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In an article for openDemocracy today, Jeff Crisp (RSC Research Associate) asks: “Why are leaders in the EU and US reluctant to admit that the main terrorist threat to western countries comes from home-grown extremists?”

He demonstrates that while US President Donald Trump, Europol (the EU law enforcement agency), and Hungary’s Viktor Orban have actively promoted “the notion that refugees are closely connected to terrorism”, the evidence does not support this. Crisp cites studies by the Cato Institute in the US and the European University Institute, and comments by Australia’s head of intelligence.

Crisp also notes that international refugee law provides states with provisions to break any potential linkage between refugees and terrorism.  He argues, “The Refugee Convention is…an instrument that is intended to reinforce and not to undermine the security of states and their citizens. At the same time, it provides an essential means of offering protection and long-term solutions to innocent civilians who would otherwise be at serious risk.”

Read the article here >>

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