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Refugee-Led Research Festival 2023

Roadmaps for Transformative Leadership

11–15 September 2023

The Refugee-Led Research Hub’s second annual Refugee-Led Research Festival brings together researchers, academics, artists, practitioners, and others from throughout East Africa to promote refugee leadership in universities and in forced migration research and practice. This year’s five-day programme includes a mix of interactive panel discussions, lectures and presentations, trainings and workshops, movie screenings, socials, and more.

The festival aims to: 1) spotlight refugee-led research, 2) provide an overview of academic, research, and professional opportunities available to attendees, 3) connect RLRH-affiliated learners and researchers with people who care about ethical academic and research ecosystems, 4) facilitate exchange of ideas and actions that are making a difference, and 5) strengthen commitments from participants to support refugee leadership in research and elsewhere.

Follow @RLRH_Oxford on X (formerly known as Twitter) for live updates and follow the hashtag #refugeeledresearch. If you plan to attend, whether in person or online, please register here.

The festival will take place at RLRH’s Nairobi offices on Laikipia Road on the premises of the BIEA. Conference sessions on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th are also online. See the full festival programme here.

Watch the video of last year's festival on YouTube


RLRH Festival 2023 poster