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Public Seminar Series, Trinity term 2022

'Resistance, Justice, Liberation: Critical Approaches to Knowledge Production on War, Violence and Colonization'

Series convenor: Dr Dilar Dirik, Joyce Pearce Junior Research Fellow

Time and location

All seminars will take place online via Zoom. Please check the date and time of each seminar as these vary.  

Registration links are provided below for each seminar.

Please direct enquiries to

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Download the series poster.

Trinity term seminars

Wednesday 4 May, 3-4pm

The struggle for self-determination and grassroots liberation from neocolonial NGO-ism: perspectives from Kenya

Grassroots Liberation group (Kenya) and Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley (University of Cambridge)



Wednesday 11 May, 5-6pm

A materialist account of patriarchy under the post-colonial state

Mohammed Elnaiem (University of Cambridge)



Friday 20 May, 5-6pm

Fascism is not dead: violence of Hindu nationalism in India and the possibilities of resistance

Professor Dibyesh Anand (University of Westminster)



Tuesday 24 May, 5-6pm

The struggle for peace by LGBTI+ and women’s organisations in Turkey

Nisan Alıcı (Ulster University) and Güneş Daşlı (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena)



Wednesday 8 June, 5-6pm

Writing and researching Palestine: reflections on positionality and decoloniality

Dr Yara Hawari (Al-Shabaka) 



Monday 13 June, 5-6pm

Liberal violence 

Dr Ayça Çubukçu (London School of Economics and Political Science)