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Public Seminar Series, Hilary term 2022

Race, Borders, and Global (Im)mobility

Series convenor: Dr Hanno Brankamp, Departmental Lecturer in Forced Migration

This seminar series critically interrogates the ways in which militarised borders, migration enforcement, and their racial orderings continue to be normalised on a global scale. The political drive towards expanding walls, policing infrastructures, camps, detention centres, interceptions at sea, push backs, deportations, surveillance, and racist immigration policies that restrict asylum and migration is hereby not only a legacy of past empires but is also indicative of new emerging geographies of (im)mobility, racialisation, and liberal violence. Speakers in this series come from a range of disciplines and will examine global migration through questions of race and racism, coloniality, nationalism, citizenship, belonging, criminalisation, and bordering.

Series poster (pdf)

Time and location

Seminars take place on Wednesdays from 5:00-6:30pm UK time on Zoom, except for the seminar on 26 January which will start at 6:00pm UK due to the time difference with Hawai’i.

Registration links are provided for each seminar below.

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Hilary term seminars

19 January, 5:00-6:30pm

Immigration Controls, Captivity and Reproductive Injustice in Britain: Punishing illegalised migrant women from the Global South and separating children from their mothers

Dr Monish Bhatia (Birkbeck University of London)



26 January, 6:00-7:30pm

Postcolonial Racisms: National sovereignty and the making of new global apartheids

Professor Nandita Sharma (University of Hawai’i at Manoa)



2 February, 5:00-6:30pm

Machine-Readable Refugees: Navigating biometric systems in Kenya

Dr Keren Weitzberg (UCL)



9 February, 5:00-6:30pm

Security Imperialism

Professor Catherine Besteman (Colby College, US)



16 February, 5:00-6:30pm

Borders, Militarism and Inequality in Global Capitalism: Reflections on strategies for freedom 

Dr Hannah Cross (University of Westminster)



23 February, 5:00-6:30pm

The Constitutive Exterior: EU border externalisation and the social dynamics of the Senegal River Valley

Dr Hassan Ould Moctar (SOAS University of London)



2 March, 5:00-6:30pm

Governing the Displaced in Global Capitalism: Refugee survival from the camp to the city

Dr Ali Bhagat (Saint Mary’s University, Canada, and University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)



9 March, 5:00-6:30pm

Carceral Geographies, Racial Violence: The contested Mediterranean borderzone

Dr Maurice Stierl (University of Sheffield)