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You can now listen to 37 presentations from the RSC Conference ‘Democratizing Displacement’.

On 18-19 March, the RSC Conference 2019 took place at New College, Oxford, with a focus on 'democratizing' refugee protection from a variety of disciplinary angles, including ethics, politics, anthropology, history and law. It examined the role of refugees as political agents able to inform the decisions that affect them at local, state, regional and global levels. It explored the ethics and politics of accountability, participation, and humanitarian governance; the character of practical, institutional and legal mechanisms to ensure that refugees have a say in their protection; and ways in which those who make decisions in relation to the displaced are (or could be) held accountable for their actions.

Listen to the conference sessions on SoundCloud: Day 1 and Day 2

Conference programme


Photos: Röszke makeshift refugee camp from the Hungarian side of the Serbia-Hungary border, 2016. Credit: © UNHCR/Zsolt Balla.  Refugees voting for new representatives, Lóvua Resettlement Centre, Angola. Credit: © UNHCR/Omotola Akindipe.  Refugees at the Greece-Macedonia border plead for the border to reopen to the thousands stranded there due to border closings, 2015. Credit: Steve Evans (CC BY-NC 2.0).