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Podcasts are now available of the two opening plenary panels at the Oxford Sanctuary Fair, held at Oxford Town Hall on 11 May 2023.

About the Sanctuary Fair

This free, all-day drop-in event aimed to connect refugees, students, and the local community. The Fair was open to everyone and provided an opportunity to learn more about refugee issues and how we can all make a difference. It included panel discussions and interactive workshops featuring students, academics, activists, politicians, community leaders, and influencers, many of whom have experienced displacement first-hand.

Stalls from community organisations gave visitors a chance to meet those who are making a difference on the front line, and to find volunteering opportunities and practical actions to support refugees and asylum seekers in Oxford and beyond.

The Sanctuary Fair 2023 was a collaborative event hosted by Asylum Welcome, the Refugee Studies Centre (University of Oxford), and Oxford City Council.


Welcome Panel | Making Sanctuary a Reality in Oxford


1. Mark Goldring (Director, Asylum Welcome)

2. Jan Royall (Principal, Somerville College, a College of Sanctuary, and Chair of the Conference of Colleges)

3. Juliet Van Gyseghem (Oxford STAR Group)

4. Yaroslava Bukhta (Ukraine Graduate Scholar, President of Oxford University Ukrainian Society)

5. Cllr Dr Hosnieh Djafari-Marbini (City Council Migrant Champion)

Moderator: Prof. Alexander Betts (Oxford University, Refugee Studies Centre)


Politics Panel | The Political Landscape of Migrant Rights in the UK


1. Dr Hari Reed (Asylum Welcome / TVIA)

2. Shaista Aziz (Oxford City Council)

3. Sharmarke Dubow (Oxford University, Blavatnik School of Government)

Moderator: Prof. Alexander Betts (Oxford University, Refugee Studies Centre)