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Pastoralist Turkana people walking across dry, hot land © Project Survival Media / Joe Lukhovi

Forced Migration Review issue 64 is online today at

This issue includes two main feature themes, one on Climate crisis and local communities and one on Trafficking and smuggling, plus a short collection of articles presenting early reflections on COVID-19 in the context of displacement.

Cover of Forced Migration Review issue 64Climate crisis and local communities: Local communities around the world have been coping with the effects of a changing climate for decades. This feature focuses on the impact on local communities, their coping strategies, lessons arising, and broader questions of access, rights and justice.

Trafficking and smuggling: Increased reporting of both trafficking and smuggling has triggered renewed attention around the growing impact of, and the links between, these related but distinct phenomena. This feature explores some of the current challenges, misconceptions, insights and innovations in these fields.

COVID-19 – early reflections: Four articles offer preliminary reflections on the pandemic, focusing on the role of refugee-led organisations and the need for data to inform responses.

This issue includes two articles co-authored by RSC staff and one article by a recent RSC Visiting Fellow:

Refugee-led responses in the fight against COVID-19: building lasting participatory models

Alexander Betts, Evan Easton-Calabria and Kate Pincock (University of Oxford / ODI)

Counting urban refugees during COVID-19
Florence Lozet and Evan Easton-Calabria (Cities Alliance / University of Oxford)

Environmental challenges and local strategies in Western Sahara
Matthew Porges (University of St Andrews, recent RSC Visiting Fellow)

FMR 64 will also be available online in Arabic, Spanish and French (digital version only).


FMR would like to thank the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, UNHCR Division of Resilience and Solutions and the Australian Research Council Linkage project ‘Transformative human mobilities in a changing climate’ for funding this issue.