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A UNHCR staff member works amongst rows of files © UNHCR/Jared Kohler
A UNHCR staff member works in the filing room at the Khalda refugee registration centre, Amman, Jordan

cover image of the publication Forced Migration Review 65Forced Migration Review issue 65 is now available online

This issue includes two features. In the main feature on ‘Recognising refugees’, the authors of 21 articles explore some of the shortcomings in refugee status determination systems worldwide, as well as the challenges faced by different actors and the consequences for asylum seekers and refugees. Authors also explore new developments and approaches.

The second feature offers reflections on lessons and good practice emerging from the 2018–20 GP20 Plan of Action for IDPs, with a Foreword by Cecilia Jimenez-Damary, UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of IDPs.

The magazine and the accompanying Editors’ briefing will be available online and in print in English, Arabic, Spanish and French at Sign up for notifications at

This issue includes three articles co-authored by RSC staff:

Recognising refugees: understanding the real routes to recognition

Cathryn Costello, Caroline Nalule and Derya Ozkul

Exploring RSD handover from UNHCR to States

Caroline Nalule and Derya Ozkul

Refugee recognition: not always sought

Derya Ozkul


We would like to thank the RefMig project (European Research Council Horizon 2020 award, grant number 716968), the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and UNHCR for their funding support for this issue.